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When you subscribe to iptvboxstudio, you get login credentials to IPTV server with instructions for how to setup it on your device
Since you report us a support question we try to make our best to find out what is going on, depending on the case it could take more or less time, however a standard time could be minutes.
We support all the IPTV boxes and android devices, Including MAG boxes and Formuler.
We aim to email you within 5min – 1 hour of purchase to arrange setup of your order. Please note during busy periods at evenings and weekends orders may take up to 2 hours to process
We offer a full range of European, UK, US, and Asian channels with a 4k /Ultra HD quality
We offer a 7 Days Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason

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IPTV Subscription Starts With $12.99 per month

Would you like to view all your favorite channels from Worldwide ? In this case, we advise you to choose an IPTV iptvboxstudio subscription, which will allow you to benefit from a quality subscription, for the viewing of all of your favorite programs. Everything is done to facilitate your use, and why you can enjoy the best advantages while enjoying our service.

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